May Contain Nuts
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Author Jonathan Meres
Illustrator Donough O' Malley
Published on September 1, 2011
Published by Orchard Books
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N/A The World of Norm: May Cause Irritation
May Contain Nuts is the first book of The World of Norm series created by Jonathan Meres. It was published on September 1, 2011.


NORMAN knew it was gonna be one of those days when he woke up and found ihmself about to pee in his dad's wardrobe.

Why on earth did Norm's family have to move, anyway? In their old house he never tried to pee in anything other than a toilet. And when Norm is in bed, he's kept awake by his dad's snoring like consipated rhinoceros!



Nothing is ever fair in Norm’s world – and since his family moved house, things are even worse than usual. Why on earth did they have to move, anyway? In their old place, he never tried to pee in anything but a toilet! And when Norm isin bed, he’s kept awake by his dad snoring like a constipated rhinoceros. Will he ever get used to their rubbish new house, where you can hear every tiny noise through the flimsy walls? Will he stop being pestered by his annoying little brothers? Will life ever get less unfair for Norm? Packed with hilarious cartoons, this is a laugh-out-loud new series for any fan of the Wimpy Kid!